Botanic or botanical? (More on suffixes: -ic and -ical)

Botánico, Plantas, Fondo, PasatiempoDo you find the use of these suffixes confusing?

That makes two of us.

Not long ago, I published two posts dealing with some of the differences between historic/historical and classic/classical. In this post, I’ll deal with other common words ending with the suffixes -ic and -ical.

Botanic and botanical

Magic and magical

Comic and comical

Electric and electrical

Economic and economical Continue reading “Botanic or botanical? (More on suffixes: -ic and -ical)”

20 words that you may be mispronouncing





Do you know how to pronounce these words?

If you don’t, keep reading….

As my students know, I’m a great believer in the power of self-study. The activity I’m presenting today comes from material I use in class but you can also use it by yourself at home.

A pre-requisite is that you need to be familiar with the pronunciation chart. If you aren’t yet, you can learn it by yourself or book some classes with a teacher. I encourage you to do that if you want to acquire an invaluable tool to improve your pronunciation over time.  It may take a while, but it’s not as hard as it seems. Continue reading “20 words that you may be mispronouncing”