The story of my dog

Once upon a time, in a small village in the south of Spain, a woman with a heart of gold came across a heavily pregnant abandoned dog.  The woman took her home and soon enough she gave birth to a litter (1) of three adorable mix-breed puppies (2).

One day, her granddaughter (also an animal lover) drove down from the north to visit her granny and she gave the dogs a ride to the city that would become their new home. Mum and puppies were all adopted and that is where the story begins for me. Continue reading “The story of my dog”


Pantalones, Bolsillo, Nota, Llave, Trabajo, BuscarSaying that you are between jobs sends a more positive image of your current situation than saying that you are unemployed. This is the purpose of euphemism, to soften the message you are communicating by using language that sounds less unpleasant, uncomfortable or embarrassing than the reality. 

In this post we are going to learn 10 commonly used euphemisms in three steps. You will need pen a paper or you can print the pdf provided. Continue reading “LEARN 10 EUPHEMISMS IN 3 STEPS”


Garden tools: digging fork

Gardening has always been part of my life ever since I was a little girl but I must admit that until recently, I was simply a spectator and the recipient of glorious produce, handed over to me without any effort on my part. As things are, there comes a time when one has to take over and adopt an active role. Not terribly enthusiastically at first as this added to my to do list already quite hefty. However, it didn’t take long to become something enjoyable and later a new passion and something to look forward to.  In this post. I will talk about some of the benefits that gardening brings to my life while providing vocabulary in context and pictures with some of the tools, produce and flowers in our garden.  

Continue reading “THE JOY OF GARDENING”