Me as an English Teacher

It all started with a major career change over twenty years ago when my passion for languages took me to London to gain further qualifications and eventually become a teacher. After a few years of working in language schools based in my city, I embarked on the adventure of going freelance. What a great decision! For over 15 years now, I have been able to develop my own teaching style, accommodating my students’ needs and meeting incredible people along the way. I currently teach one-to-one students and small groups, both in person and online. I am a true believer in the idea that teachers need to continuously develop themselves and that is why I attend Teaching Conferences regularly. Thus, staying motivated to be able to infuse motivation among my students. And having eager students keeps me on my toes. Win-win!

Me as a Spanish Teacher

Recently, I have started to teach Spanish online. I find it incredibly fulfilling too. This is why I would like to pursue this path now, parallel to my English teaching. I consider my extensive experience in teaching English as an asset when helping English native speakers to learn Spanish. 

My lessons & teaching style

Promoting students’ speaking is central to my lessons. I try to reduce teacher talk to a minimum so that students make the most of their time in class by communicating and receiving corrections and relevant feedback. This is not to say that I will not provide examples and explanations when needed but my goal is to make the student feel like they are taking steps in the right direction with every single class. The type of material that I use will be decided based on the students’ needs but I tend to encourage self-learning too so, whenever possible, there will be some homework.

About Me

Some of my passions include hiking, reading, gardening and dancing. I treasure spending quality time with family and friends but I also enjoy solo travelling, which opens doors to meeting new people and results in awesome experiences. Learning about communication with dogs is another interest that keeps me busy. Languages (English and French) play an important role in my life and they are a real source of joy. This is one of the reasons why I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be a language teacher.