One-to-one lessons

Tailor-made for you

Devised to deal with your specific goals, one-to-one lessons will make the most of your time.

Improve your accuracy and pronunciation thanks to individualised corrections. Take your time to express your ideas and try out new structures.

Let’s map out a personalised work plan covering the skills that you would like to strengthen in a way that is realistic for you.


Conversation Lessons

Students take the leading role in speaking.

Teacher talking time reduced to a minimum.

I will ask questions, give feedback and tips but most of all,
I will be listening to you.

 Improve your oral skills.

Practice makes perfect.


Exam preparation

With a suitable working method, you will use your time more efficiently

Commitment and perseverance will take you there but if you need some guidance, we can draw up a plan together and I will supervise your personal work and give you tips that set you up for success on exam day.

We will set out tasks to do in class and at home and create a step by step approach that is both manageable and motivating.