CAE – Writing Part 1 (Essay) Getting started

There is no choice here. If you take the CAE -C1 Advanced, the essay is mandatory. 

It is therefore crucial to be prepared and well-informed about what is expected of you. Daunting as it may seem at first, breaking it down into smaller tasks will help you get the hang of it. Let’s give some thought to what to do before you start writing. This simple action will guide you through and help you  elaborate a successful piece of writing. 

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Self-study for speaking tests: 4 steps that will raise your game

Speaking exams are tough but with the right preparation and mindset you can step into the examination hall with a good dose of self-confidence in your abilities and a feeling of being in control of the situation rather than overwhelmed by it.

Keep reading for some ideas to help you build confidence and take away some of the anxiety so that you can perform better on exam day.


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Phrasal Verbs and Register: Formal

There is a widely-held belief that phrasal verbs in English are informal and will be frowned upon in academic writing such as the essay, the formal letter, or the report tasks in the CAE.

While there is an element of truth in that,  there are indeed certain phrasal verbs, formal ones that is, which are not only acceptable but will also enhance your writing and show mastery of the language.

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6 phrasal verbs to speak about yourself

6 phrasal verbs to speak about yourself that will enhance your Speaking (Part 1) in the CAE exam.


The way you are seen by people, the impression you give.

You come across as a friendly/funny/serious/fussy … person, based on what you project to others.

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