The podcast revolution


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The proliferation of this digital audio system has greatly enriched the world of communication in general and language learning in particular. It has provided learners with extensive and engaging material to access for free and at any time.

Are you keen on listening to the radio? Then, podcasts are just right up your alley. In this blog post, I am going to share links to some quality English learning podcasts. As a rule of thumb, the higher the level, the wider the contents but I will do my best to cater for all levels.

A1- Beginners – Elementary

Essential English

Accent: American

Free transcripts included

Covers areas of grammar at beginners and elementary levels

A1-A2 Elementary-Pre-Intermediate

British Council – Learn English Podcast

Accent: British

Free podcast + support pack exercises and transcripts included

All British Council contents are synonymous with first-rate quality and this is no exception.


6 Minute English – BBC

Accent: British

Free podcast and transcripts

Probably the most popular one among students on this side of the Atlantic. And rightly so, this podcast is entertaining, informative, educational and reasonably short, which makes it suitable for listening in one sitting. But if scripted podcasts are not your cup of tea, keep searching.

The English we speak

Accent: British

Free podcast and transcripts

It keeps you up to date with colloquial expressions used in everyday English conversations. The presenters use the phrase in context and provide several examples to show you how/when it works. Short and memorable.

B2-C1 Upper-Intermediate-Advanced

All Ears English

Free podcast. Transcripts: 6.99 $ per week

Accent: American

Lively conversations and very upbeat. It provides a wealth of detail about life in the USA.

Luke’s English Podcast

Free podcasts and transcripts *

Accent: British

My personal favourite. Regard the length of Luke’s podcasts as an opportunity to listen extensively and effortlessly to engaging contents presented in a very natural and clear English by this English teacher who comes across as an intelligent, friendly, open-minded and likeable person.

* Episodes are transcribed and edited by listeners who collaborate according to their level and expertise. Check out this site if you want to join the team and contribute your bit.

VOA podcasts Level 3

Free podcast and transcripts

Accent: American

Get to know more about life in the USA by listening to VOA (Voice of America is a U.S. government-funded international radio broadcast source). Their podcasts include a Quiz to test your understanding and a glossary.


Free podcasts

Accent: British and Irish

Entertaining and informative conversations between to experienced English teachers dealing with different aspects of the English language. 

C2 Advanced-Proficiency

Once you have set foot on this level a new world opens up. The assortment of podcasts for English speakers is rich and caters for all tastes.

  • Within the BBC radio website, you can choose from numerous categories.
  • For a more American taste, visit this page.
  • If you favour the CNN style, head on here:
  • Here is a selection created by the GuardianA staggering number of recommendations: 50, no less.
  • Learn about extraordinary women’s lives here: WOMANNICA


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