Español, Aprender, Discurso, Traducción, Traducir


Personalised online classes for English native speakers learning Spanish. Having been an English teacher for over twenty years has given me a deep understanding of the communication issues between the two languages. 

The first half-an-hour session to determine the level and objectives is free of charge.

For more details, please email me indicating your name and time availability to set up a free trial lesson:

If you want to subscribe to my email list where I send daily questions about Spanish expressions, send me a message with the words “Quiero suscribirme a la lista de correo de expressiones en español.” 

You can also find me on italki by clicking here.


Reviews on italki and other platforms

Itziar is an amazing find on italki! She is a full-time teacher of languages (i.e., 
English and Spanish) and has considerable experience with teaching language to adults 
and children alike. She is incredibly personable,knowledgeable, and very encouraging. 
Her classes are fun and interesting and she is great about teaching commonly used 
Spanish expressions. I had the pleasure of studying with Itziar prior to italki 
and look forward to continuing my lessons with her. Please check her.
Carl (United States)
Itziar is an awesome teacher. She is doing her best to help me. 
She is always very supportive and encouraging. 
I feel like I have a very good friend in Spain. Thank you Itziar for being you. 

Lilly (England)

Itziar is a marvellous person - she has a fine mixture of spontaneity, laughter 
and intelligence.I'm looking forward to learning more with her. 

Sue (Germany)

Itziar is a delight to talk to, and she is a natural conversationalist. 

She is a great teacher of Spanish. 
Don’t pass up the opportunity to speak with her.

Peter (Ireland)