Show your feelings with the help of interjections

In informal English, you can use interjections to express your emotions.

An interjection is a bit like a sound, a short word * usually followed by an exclamation mark.

They are abrupt and spontaneous.

Here follows a list of some of the most common ones and the emotion they convey.


It expresses annoyance, frustration or pain.

“Argh! The flight has been delayed by two hours.”


You are surprised and alarmed.

(In the US also used to express pain)
“What? You’ve got one hundred papers to mark this weekend. Yikes!.”


It shows relief.

“Phew! That was a near miss.”

AW! (also longer awww)

It shows an emotional connection, for example when you see a cute baby or puppy.

“Awww, these kittens are so adorable!.”

Or to show disappointment

“Aw! You are not coming to Vitoria this year. I’ll miss you.”


To express fear.

“Ahh! I didn’t know you were at home.”
EEK! also expresses fear but it’s girlier.
Eek! There is a spider in the room.


As a reaction to a minor mistake.

“Oops! Sorry I spilt some coffee on the carpet.”


To express amazement to something that is impressive

“Wow! You sing like an angel.”


To express disgust.

“There was a worm in the salad. Yuck!”


I’m cold.

“Brrr! The heating is not working and my feet are freezing.”


I get it, I understand.

“Aha! So, that’s why you asked for my address. Thanks for the surprise..”


I wonder.

“Hmm! Are you telling me the truth?”


To express pain.

“Ouch! That hurt.”


It conveys joy.

“Hooray! Great to hear you got the job.”



*in some cases two or three:  e.g.: Well done!

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