New Year, Clean Slate


Why not take the New Year vibe in your stride and give shape to a few resolutions that will boost your English in 2019? *

English is the chalk and the year ahead is your slate. So how are you going to fill that space in?

Here are some considerations you might want to take account of.

  1. What specific area would you most like to improve this year?
    • Be as precise as you can as it will make it easier to handle: “become better at advanced collocations” -you can deal with a book or two- rather than “learn vocabulary”, too broad a concept.
  2. Is there any material you need to borrow or buy to support your learning?
    • Self-study books, CDs, vocabulary cards, notebooks, post-it notes …
  3. What systems can you put in place to achieve that goal?
  4. When and how often are you going to allocate time for that?
  5. Are you going to make someone accountable for your intentions? Telling somebody like a teacher, a friend about your intentions will increase your chances of accomplishing your goal.
  6. Can you visualise the achievements you will have obtained by the end of the year and the positive impact that this will have in your overall learning?
  7.  Will you reward yourself?

If you have decided to give it a go, I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to e-mail me with your goal and keep me posted about your progress every now and then.

* Or any other random date and be the kick-start of a year of new learning habits.


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