Favourite places in the UK – Cornwall and the South West Coast Path (SWCP)

Many moons ago, I had the first glimpse of this stunning region as an Inter-rail pass holder. The philosophy of Inter-rail travelling at the time, and probably still now, was to visit as many places as possible within the validity period. Far from ideal as I see things now, but back then it was thrilling to be moving fast across countries, probably missing amazing spots along the way but undoubtedly gaining a sense of adventure and broad horizons. During a short stay in Penzance (Cornwall), I discovered the South West coast path and was totally captivated by it. This sparked a  desire to return to Cornwall with more time and preparation to walk some stretches of the Cornish section of the SWCP long-distance trail.

Youth Hostel Tintagel  in an idyllic location

It was not the easiest of things to plan, as finding accommodation in some of the small villages along the way proved to be tricky and a bit pricey when youth hostels were not available. This area is extremely popular with domestic tourists and I discovered that some holiday-makers booked accommodation a year ahead. Who would have guessed? 


Bedruthan Steps Beach

Anyway, once the sleeping side of things had been sorted, walking on the coastal path was delightful. It is extremely well sign-posted and designed along the coastline so that hikers enjoy permanent sea views, And that is one of the biggest appeals, in my view. I have walked other coastal paths in which the path went too far inland at points. However, the coastal path in Cornwall sticks to the coastline and keeps giving views of the ocean all along, displaying every cliff, cove, inlet, and beach; with all the ups and downs and ins and outs, This makes for some gentle walking at times combined with more demanding strenuous bits. 

Weather-wise, the south-west of England boasts milder summers than elsewhere in the country and that was my experience, with fine days and very little rain in the couple of occasions I ventured there. This is still work in progress and there will be a third and final visit to complete the 300 miles Cornish section of the SWCP (click here for the whole itinerary).

One day.

I leave you with a video introducing the South West Coast Path followed by some questions and a vocabulary exercise based on the text above.

Students’ Tasks

You can send me your answers by email to inglesvitoria@inglesvitoria.com and you will receive the key.

Exercise 1

Questions based on the video:

  • What is the total distance of the SWCP from start to finish?
  • What is the correct preposition?

You step _______ 230 bridges, ________ 436 stiles and ________ 880 gates.

  • What use had been given to these trails in the past?
  • What word means a long period of time?

Exercise 2

Based on the text, which word in bold means …? 

  1. In terms of the weather
  2. Away from the sea
  3. A bit expensive
  4. Of or from Cornwall
  5. Brief sight
  6. Exciting
  7. Pleasant
  8. Lead to
  9. Have something desirable
  10. Small bay














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