10 very Kiwi words or phrases


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This little word rich in meanings.

Imagine that I say this: “There is a kiwi under the tree.”

Well, I could be referring to the fruit on the left, but if I were in New Zealand also to a native nocturnal flightless bird, and last but not least, I could be saying that there is someone from New Zealand under the tree, as this is also a nickname for New Zealanders. For the record, the nickname refers to the bird, not the fruit. It is not offensive, quite on the contrary New Zealanders are proud of it. 

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5 False friends that can mislead Spanish speakers


A false friend is a word that resembles another one in your native tongue in its form but not in its meaning. You probably know that “actually” expresses “in fact” and it is not translated as “actualmente”.  But this is a no-brainer. Students with an extensive English background know it and if they occasionally fall in the trap, it is no more than a slip to be quickly self-corrected.  Continue reading “5 False friends that can mislead Spanish speakers”