Create a time and a space for self-study

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This is the first in a series of tips aimed at boosting language students’ self-study routines and self-motivation. It goes without saying that attending a course is a sure bet but usually not enough if you intend to make significant progress. You have to go the extra mile! and that is primarily in your hands. Teachers can provide you with ideas on how to go about it but it is within you to implement them and to be consistent at that.

Allocating a regular time for English study will give you not only peace of mind because you are doing the right thing, but also confidence in yourself. If consistent, you will surely notice a solid steady improvement that will, in turn, strengthen your motivation to keep going.

Make sure you find a moment when you can fully engage, without interruptions. Close the door, silence your mobile phone, get rid of distractions. For some people, this might be a 10-minute stretch, for others an hour or more. It all counts. Bear in mind what is realistic for you and make a decision to implement that new routine in your life.

Ideally, finding a spot for this activity will help you get in study mode more effectively. Keep your English coursebook, dictionary, notebook at hand. Create this little English immersion environment in your own home. Trust me, it will pay off.

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